Prepare Your Car for Winter with These Tips

The winter season poses numerous hazards for drivers such as icy roads, strong winds and salted streets. Aside from stepping up your driving skills for the winter, your car should also be prepared for the season. No matter what car you’re driving, here are some tips to help winterize your car.

Have It Serviced

Before the winter season comes, schedule your vehicle for a service to check for damages and repair them immediately. The harsh weather condition of winter is very challenging to all vehicles so your car should be up for it. Make sure your car’s battery is powerful enough to easily start your car in the winter. A battery with 600 CCA or above is recommended for this season. Make sure you have antifreeze so the cooling system won’t freeze. Also, inspecting all the other parts such as spark plugs, brakes, belts, wires and cables helps a lot to detect and repair earl signs of wear or damage. Make sure to use only certified Dodge Nitro spare parts to be assured of its quality and durability.

Install Winter Tires

Using all-season tires in winter is fine. However, if you’re frequently driving on a place with harsh winter conditions, switching to winter tires is a great way to keep you and your car safe. Winter tires are different from regular ones since they are engineered to provide better traction in snow, ice and even slippery pavement.

Check Tire Pressure

The frequent change in external temperature affects the pressure of your car’s tires. Make sure to do frequent checks during winter and top up when needed. Check the recommended tire pressure on your car’s manual.

Switch to Winter Wipers

Winter wipers are designed to efficiently wipe off ice from the windshield while preventing it from collecting on the blades.

Fill Up Washer Fluid

The washer fluid is essential during winter. It helps a lot in clearing up the windshield especially after a snowstorm. Make sure to fill it up every time you’re going out for a drive. To avoid it from freezing, add washer fluid antifreeze. Ask your technician about the ratio that’s best for your car.

Fill Up Gas

Another thing that you should maintain is the gas. Make sure it is filled at least halfway of the tank during winter. There is lesser possibility of gas line freeze ups when your car’s tank is full. It is also helpful just in case you get stuck somewhere under the freezing weather since the engine can keep you warm.

Check the Rear-Window Defroster

It’s dangerous to drive when you can’t see what’s behind your car because of the snow accumulating on your rear window. Before winter comes, make sure to check the rear-window defroster if it works well.

Carry a Winter Kit

Aside from winterizing your car, make sure you’re also ready for the harsh outdoor conditions. Carry some winter essentials with you such as warm clothing, non-perishable food and beverages, jumper cables, tool kit, antifreeze, matches and a first aid kit to be prepared in case an emergency happens.

By following these simple tips, you can be assured of you and your car’s safety during the winter season.

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