Vehicle repairs you can do your self

If you own a vehicle, you will be aware of how difficult it can be to maintain it. This is especially the case if the vehicle is used heavily and therefore, will require constant care. Every now and then you might run into issues, which may prevent you from using certain features of the vehicle. You don’t always have to hand over your vehicle to a vehicle repair center, as you can often fix these yourself. Here are a few vehicle repairs that you can handle yourself.

Replacing the battery

The car battery is going to eventually get depleted with time. Most modern vehicles will give you an indication of the battery level, or at least have warning when it is low. Though you can hand it over to a vehicle mechanic when getting the new battery, this might not always be necessary. Replacing the battery is not too difficult if you follow the steps properly. The first thing you will have to do is identify the pattern that the wires are connected to the battery. Then you will have to remove them one at a time, taking note of the order. After removing the battery, replace it with the new one in the same order that you took it off. Taking a picture would help with this, since you can refer to it when you are replacing the battery. The vehicle user manual will also have something indicating this. If you have never done this before, or are not familiar with this, then you might have to resort to handing it in to a mechanic.

Changing the lamps

There are typically three different lights in the car. The front head lamps, blinkers and the tail lights. These lights may eventually become faulty and therefore could pose a threat to yourself, as well as incoming vehicles. This is going to be the case during night time, where having your lights on and working is going to be critical. If the light stops working, then you will need to replace the bulbs. For this reason, always carry spare bulbs with you or have them at home. Replacing the bulbs for the headlamps is quite straightforward. You will first need to remove the case, which might require that you open the bonnet of the vehicle. Unscrew the faulty bulb and replace it with the new one. Pop the case back on and test the lamp to see if it is functioning.


These are two common vehicle repairs that you can perform yourself. Doing so can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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