What To Look For When Hiring A Vehicle Body Mechanic Or Panel Beater?

If you are new to the local lingo in the land down under, then such terms as ‘panel beater’ might come across as strange. However, not to fear – the term simply implies an auto mechanic who repairs the panel surfaces of a vehicle. As the name implies, there is some degree of beating that goes on in order to repair smashed vehicle parts into shape. So if your beloved four wheeled companion meets with an unfortunate collision, then a panel beater is the man you need to get your vehicle back on the road. However, where do you find one and which mechanics would be the best you ask ? Read on for some handy tips on honing in on the right candidate.

Figure Out How Long It Will Take

When purchasing a vehicle for the first time, you would think that a valid driver’s license and a good insurance policy is all it takes to make you road-worthy. However, the truth is that in the event of an accident, insurance companies will most often go along with a mechanic or panel beater of your choice. As such, being familiar with the panel beater narre warren community in your area could prove to be beneficial at a time of crisis, especially when your vehicle is literally your only means of transport.  While you do need to have your vehicle repaired quickly, allow for a few extra days in order for the mechanic to perform a complete and thorough job. However, with that said let your panel beater know in advance the absolute last day that you need the repair work completed by.

Make Sure The Replacement Parts Are Genuine

It’s wonderful when your local mechanic presents you with an affordable repair estimation. However, while the affordability is welcomed, you should be a little cautious as to how the costing has been drawn up. On most occasions, repair outlets will use second-hand parts to bring down the cost of repairs in order to be competitive. Be sure to question your mechanic as to where the parts will be sourced from and how much it would cost. This would give you  a rough idea as to how to go about doing your own research to see if the market price for genuine parts is compatible with the repair quote that has been given to you.

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Check If The Quotation Is Specific To Your Vehicle Repairs

Prior to agreeing on the commencement of work, look through the quote carefully to make sure that is very specifically tailored to your vehicle repairs. Most often when an estimation is requested, the tendency is to send across a previously configured general quotation. Such quotations can seem a bit pricey and may not be suited to your vehicle model. With different car models and makes entering the market frequently, it is a valid question to ask if your mechanic has carried out repairs to cars similar to your car’s model.

The above are just some of the common pitfalls and ruts to avoid when looking out to hire a panel beater. Being able to openly speak to a mechanic who will verbally take you through the procedure behind repairing you car will also help you feel at ease.  What’s more, you will feel confident about selecting the best service person for the job when you are better informed.

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